About Us

Atta Studio Co., Ltd. is a midsize architectural firm. Our office is located in Phuket. We have been working with senior engineers with extensive background. In respect of professionalism and ethics, our team consists of architects who have a high responsibility and work with passion.

Atta Studio has built from commitment of Tum (Mr.Pongsakorn Aunpradit) and Benz (Mr.Borritat Sawantrat) to operate an architectural design studio that creates innovative architecture to respond with tropical climate, and uses the main theme of Asian style. Tum, Mr.Pongsakorn Aunpradit, is an architect specializing in urban planning, urban design, project feasibility studies, land development, real estate development, condominiums, and residential projects. Tum also has delivered designs for industrial buildings and hospitals. Benz, Mr.Borritat Sawantrat, is an architect who specializes in the design of hotels, resorts, department stores, and residential buildings. His area of expertise includes building inspection, and he is a legal expert in building and construction standards.